Over The Baby Moon

It’s just the two of you – but not for long! Don’t let the opportunity to get away pass you by. Celebrate the expected addition to your family by taking a romantic getaway to reconnect before baby makes three!

When expectant moms and dads dream about the arrival of their little bundles of joy, they think of all the wonderful rsts they are about to experience – First laugh, first steps, first words. But along with all those wonderful moments come some lasts, too – last spontaneous getaway, last full night’s sleep (for a while, anyway), last time it’s just the two of you.

Everything is about to change and as wonderful as it will be to hear the pitter patter of little feet, it can be hard to let go of other things – the keys to your two-seater sports car, for example. You’re about to exchange wine bottles for baby bottles and sexy lingerie for nursing bras. Do not go gentle into that good night! Have some fun and get away while you can – treat yourselves to a babymoon.

Expectant couples have been taking babymoons for decades, although the term has only recently entered our vernacular. While some think of babymoons as a vacation with the intent of (ahem) baby making, others refer to them as the time right after baby comes home and the new family gets acquainted. Yet a babymoon can (and should) also include a romantic getaway just for the parents-to-be at least a few months before baby’s arrival. It’s an opportunity to celebrate how far you have come and to look ahead to all the joys coming your way – and to take advantage of your last days of peace and quiet.

“This was our last chance to get away as a family of two,” says Hillary Einboden, who is expecting a baby boy in the spring. She and husband Jeff escaped to Naples, Florida, in January – a warm change of pace from their home outside of Chicago, Illinois. “It was wonderful to walk along the beach at sunset and talk about the future, imagining all the exciting changes to come,” she says. “We left our holiday feeling recharged and ready to face the challenges – and joys – that lie ahead.”

It is estimated that over 60 per cent of expectant parents take a babymoon – and destinations are cashing in on the trend. Many resorts and hotels now offer services such as prenatal massage, yoga retreats or a mom-(and dad)-to-be spa day, while some travel agents now work exclusively in luxury babymoon travel.

Ilonka Molijn, sales and marketing director for BabyMoon luxury pre-birth getaways, says that babymoons are increasing in popularity because couples are recognizing the benefits of relaxing and indulging before the new arrival changes established routines. “It’s important to recharge your batteries for the upcoming birth and be as relaxed as possible,” she says. “Taking time together to pause for a last romance before the baby arrives is truly romantic.”

Lisa Petrocelli, Owner/Publisher of the Babymoon Guide, says the trend is growing not only because the travel industry has jumped on the babymoon bandwagon, but also because the getaways just make good sense. “Couples should view the babymoon as an investment in their relationship as a couple – a relationship that will undoubtedly undergo some stressful times as they enter the world of parenthood,” she says.

Relationship and sexuality therapist Rebecca Rosenblat agrees. “Babymoons are a brilliant idea,” she says. “Why not get pampered before the Pampers?” She says the breaks are a great opportunity for couples to bond with each other, as once the baby arrives, the bonding is focused on the newborn and couples can start feeling like parents, not lovers. “Slipping away for a babymoon allows expecting parents to focus only on each other and charge themselves up – they’re going to need that to get them through the tough months ahead.”

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the second trimester is the safest time for pregnant women to travel, so plan in advance. You should indulge but feel good about the footprints you are making by choosing one of Viva’s favourite eco-friendly travel hotspots – then go ahead and enjoy your last hurrah (for two).

Relax and Romance

The Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa in the Adirondack Mountains offers suites with mahogany accents, antique stained-glass windows, stone fireplaces and private porches to take in stunning views of the lakes – perfect for the two of you to snuggle up and take it all in. And after an afternoon spent walking through the towering pines or kayaking across the glass-flat lakes, bliss out in the 5,000-square-foot spa which offers signature massages and body treatments, including the maple sugar body scrub for two. This earth-friendly historic inn also boasts all-natural, organic beauty products and impressive recycling programs, so you can achieve peace of mind – and body.

Kick Up Your Heels

If you two would rather hit the honky tonks, then Nashville, Tennessee is a guaranteed good time. Enjoy the soulful performances at the Grand Ole Opry or soak up some culture at the city’s full-size model Parthenon. And when it’s time to call it a night, put your feet up at the Hutton Hotel. is green hotel boasts a hybrid courtesy vehicle, biodegradable cleaning products and bamboo and reclaimed wood furniture, making it look as good as you’ll feel after a well- deserved weekend of romance.


If you’re clear to fly, head to Mexico’s Esperanza Resort near Cabo San Lucas for the ultimate pre-baby getaway. This resort features 57 casitas and 60 privately owned villas which overlook the deep blue Sea of Cortez. You and your sweetheart can sip on aguas frescas, healthful beverages which support digestion, provide antioxidants and boost energy – good for you and for baby. The breathtaking spa uses only natural essential oils, organic vegetable oils and completely pure ingredients in its breathtaking spa. No sulfates or parabens here! Treat yourself to a refreshing citrus foot soak followed by a full-body cleanse, scrub and a lime/coconut oil massage for two.